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Okami Media

E-Commerce, Mobile Games and FinTech Industry Marketeers

We focus our marketing services to achieve success in Asia.

Generating quality leads for our clients is our primary goal. Okami Media will put the strategy in place to drive business for your enterprise and raise its online profile. Join us on our mission to propel you past the competition.

We couple our technical creativity with our artistic talents to create the most effective strategies for our clients.

Email marketing, telemarketing, and social media management are just a selection of the tools we call on.

We will assess, judge, and execute the right marketing strategy to generate the highest productive lead volume for your business.

Giving Back to Society

Okami Media has a strong sense of community spirit and a belief that our success should positively affect others. Our responsibility to take an active interest in our surrounding neighborhoods inspires us to give back. We employ community values, sound ethics, and compassion for those less fortunate. Okami Media has engaged in numerous public functions and assisted in funding local community projects. Our particular interest involves caring for children both at home and abroad. We strive to be a company that flies the flag for diversity, equality and for being environmentally friendly.

Blog and News

The Junkification of Amazon: What and Why?

The Junkification of Amazon: What and Why?

People using Amazon have noticed that the site is becoming increasingly cluttered and difficult to use. In 2023, writer John Herrman published an in-depth look at the changes to the Amazon shopping experience (The Junkification of Amazon: Why does it feel like the...

When to Hire a Coach

When to Hire a Coach

Determining when a small remote team would benefit from outside development coaching involves assessing various factors related to team dynamics, productivity, communication, and overall effectiveness. If you are leading a team working remotely it can be difficult to...

Leap Year and Your Business

Leap Year and Your Business

A leap year, which occurs every four years, (except when the year is divisible by 100 but not by 400) has a minimal direct impact on most businesses. In a leap year, the 29th February is added to the calendar and the year has 366 days. This additional day can be a...

What Is Mobile Game Marketing?

What Is Mobile Game Marketing?

Mobile game marketing aims to attract more players to your game with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue. Like marketing any product, there are many ways to develop a strategy that ensures your game reaches its target audience. There are many strategy elements...

A Four Day Week for a 24/7 Platform

A Four Day Week for a 24/7 Platform

Implementing a four-day workweek for a 24/7 ecommerce platform can be challenging but is not impossible. It requires careful planning, consideration of operational needs, and ensuring that customer service and platform maintenance are not compromised. Here are some...

Which SM Channels to Use in 2024

Which SM Channels to Use in 2024

Social media trends are rapidly changing. With the reformation of Twitter as X, Meta’s Threads launch, and the slow but inevitable drag of the masses away from Facebook and Instagram, it can be challenging for marketers to adjust their SMM strategy and find their core...

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  • Marketing and lead generation in high compliance industries must be executed with care. We don’t want to contradict any local laws or regulations to negatively affect the greater region. We jointly operate with all our partners to ensure we meet all compliance requirements and receive approval for our marketing material.