Instagram is a rapidly popular social media platform that requires your attention. While many people think of it as a platform for sharing photos and other visual content, it can be so much more. Most users on Instagram are under 35, and these are the people who will soon be in a position to make decisions about the direction of B2B’s, so it would be wise to put your business into the front row now.

But, how can B2Bs use Instagram? You need to get creative and think about how to visually represent your business. You need to present high-quality content, and you need to include regular posts to make the most of the tool. These are just some of our suggestions for how you can engage prospective clients.


If your business is offering B2B services, you might be stumped for ideas about how to represent that visually. Think outside the box. Create images that represent your philosophy, such as teamwork. Use colourful images as background to present quotes or slammers about your business goals. Ask customers for testimonials and create images and text.


Showcase your B2B products and how to use them in creative ways. Give people an insight into your behind the scenes and develop a relationship with your clients. Remember, in today’s connected world there are really no industry secrets, so being generous (while still conscious of what you are showing) is a great way to attract interest and build trust.


You can showcase your business by including images that speak to your business philosophy. Quotes, photos of your staff at charity events, inspirational images, slideshows and infographics can all be used to tell a story. High-quality content such as this is used to connect with your clients. You are sharing your business principals with others and inviting people to peek into your practices. When executed with care, this type of emotive posting can attract clients who are interested in your business for more than just your services.

Instagram is a powerful platform. To make the most of its resources, you should use images that are inspiring, eye-catching, colourful and evocative. High-quality images that are set to the correct size for the platform, along with hashtags (three at most) that are fun and relevant can boost your traffic and help you develop a following.

Much like a billboard on the side of the road, an Instagram post needs to be well considered and highly communicative; you have just a moment to get attention. For B2Bs, Instagram can be time-consuming as you cannot schedule posts, but you can use other tools to remind you to post and integrate the platform into your regular social media marketing strategy.