Having an amazing product or brilliant service does not guarantee sales; leads do. It is not enough to have a solution, people need to know it is the answer they are looking for so that they can purchase it. Generating leads is about more than marketing campaigns and social media engagements. While both of these factors play a role in generating leads, you need to have a plan that ensures the audience you reach are the customers you need.

1. Optimize your web pages for conversions

Your website is your most important lead generation tool. If people land on your website from a search, blog or world-of-mouth, your landing page needs to be compelling enough to engage them and convince them to stay on your site.

Your website needs to be optimized to persuade individuals to do something. Your CTA should be interesting so that prospect’s want to enter their contact information, such as their name, email address, phone number, and other qualifying attributes, to a form that your sales team can follow up on. Providing a sample of your service or offering a quiz can be a great way to gather this valuable data, while also adding value for your potential customer.

2. Directly engage with leads

Direct customer engagement should one of your top priorities. While many businesses choose in-direct engagement – such as FAQs, these are fast customer solutions, not real engagements.

Direct engagement such as live chat, forums and call centres, allow you to create a report with potential customers. It is an element of business that many customers are complaining about, and offering real customer service is a valuable way to generate leads, and secure existing business. Offer is as your point of difference if your competitors are still operating as if it were 2014.

3. Deploy outbound & inbound marketing

Outbound marketing is still proving more effective than inbound marketing. Deploying both methods in a balanced campaign is the most successful way to generate leads.

For inbound marketing – personalize email communications and engage on social media platforms. Direct customers by offering content that answers questions and solves common problems, followed with a link to your website.

4. Find leads on Twitter

Twitter is vast a source of potential leads. You can easily reach your target audience, initiate direct engagement and allow people to feel that they are a valuable part of your business network if you wish. People see the platform as a way to have real conversations in a direct manner. It isn’t, but that is the illusion, and the allure, of the platform. Use it to your advantage and start a conversation.

5. Develop & optimize informative content

Your high-quality content needs to be targeted, value-adding and entertaining. Your content is an asset, it can drive traffic towards your website and secure leads. Is can also divert people from your business. Be certain that the content you share is high-quality, avoids simple spelling and grammar mistakes and really is of value. Nothing will discourage readers more than poor quality content that adds no value.

6. Tap into databases

If you aren’t using your data to segment, geotarget, and generally hinge your marketing campaigns on, then you are not doing yourself any favours. Your data is a valuable asset that can be used simply and effectively to help you understand more about your customers than we have ever known before. Use analytics to discover your strengths and develop your lead generation plans from a factual basis.

7. Comment on other blogs

By offering your knowledge on other blogs and answering questions as an expert in your field, you can improve your reach, often in a niche market. Of course, you cannot advertise as such in most comments sections, people often delete such attempts to hijack their work, but you can offer your name and profession so that people who are interested in what you are saying can find you.

8. Use email marketing

Email marketing is still in vogue. You need to ensure that you segment your audience, send regular but not frequent updates and include a subject line that encourages people to read the email. Include a CTA at the end of your email so that people understand why you’ve invited them to read your email in the first place.

9. Create an app

Depending on your audience, a free app can be a great way to improve engagement. If you are a SaaS, a sample of your service in app form might be enough to secure leads. However, for businesses with products, perhaps an app that compliments your product, such as an exercise app for sportswear sellers, is a way to engage customers and boost sales.

10. Share videos on YouTube

YouTube is a massive search engine. Visual content is the future of search, so having a wealth of content that makes it easy to find your business is a valuable headstart on your competitors. Videos such as tours, tell-alls, interviews, how to’s and other short visual content are engaging and fun ways to secure leads, as long as you remember that you need a CTA to motivate people to click to your website after consuming your content.