Creating content that attracts the attention of your B2B prospects can seem limiting, however, your B2B clients want to be informed and engaged too. So rather than writing the same blogs and publishing white papers that are never read, try updating the way you communicate and lead more clients down the funnel.

Interactive content engages your customer. Blogs or videos are passive content that allow the audience to read or watch without commitment. Interactive content asks your audience to participate with your content and be rewarded for doing so. This type of content when used in B2B marketing can stimulate discussion, help develop relationships and builds loyalty.

So what types of interactive content can you develop for your B2B marketing campaign that will get real attention?


Creating a quiz is a long process, however, it reaps big rewards if you get it right. Appeal to people’s sense of self importance with competitive and comparative quizzes that ask the audience to share their contact information with you at the end so that you can follow up. Do not hide your quiz answers or refuse to give an answer to a quiz without the user giving their details. Make your content part of the knowledge sharing machine. A short quiz filled with interesting and useful content will be shared between many people and attract new leads.


Free quotes or assessments are a great way to guide your leads down the funnel. Using a program that can analyse the information input means that you do not need a large workforce to handle the operations. If you are able to give easy estimates to potential clients, you are answering a key question using your content before the client has even made contact with you, which is important as statistics show that when a B2B customer makes contact they are already more than 80% sure they want to use your services or products.


One well-known B2B marketing content management site offers a ROI calculator so that users can quantify the ROI of using their software to run inbound marketing campaigns. The method means that the research team is able to quickly find answers for the accounts team and make a decision about whether or not to use the service. Once this type of calculator is created and set up, it requires only normal site maintenance.

Call To Action

Your marketing campaign will include static content. However, if you ensure that a call to action is added to all your content, including vlogs, white papers and blogs, you are more likely to see how this passive content is engaging your audience and which content is compelling enough to make people respond to your call to action.

Interactive Infographic

Infographics are a great way for your business to communicate fast. Interactive infographics are a way to add value to your user experience. In one example, a software provider for finance-based businesses created a spreadsheet that allowed users to interact with the equations and formulas and let them know what they were doing right or wrong as they progressed. This method means that users were learning something and also testing the quality of a product that might prove to be useful to their enterprise.

No matter what interactive forms you use to engage your audience, the key is customer-centric content. Show, don’t tell – if you can package elements of your product or service as interactive content, you are leading potential customers down your sales funnel toward your end goal.