In this past month, any workers who could have moved online. People have set up a workspace on crowded dining tables, attempting to work while teaching their kids, manage a home and adjust to lockdown. We are all feeling the stress and pressure in different ways.

If you are managing an online team, now is a good time to exercise some flexibility with your team, and form relationships that could be pivotal to the future of your business. The coming economic crisis means that many people will be made redundant. For your business to survive, having the best team behind your operations will help to place you in good stead.

So, what can you do to support your business and the people who work for you?

  • Touch Base


Take the time to reach out to each of the people in your team individually. Depending on the size of your team, this could be done with a message on social media or a face-to-face meeting online. Having an informal chat to let your team know where the business stands is a good way of keeping people motivated and focused.

  • Relax


While some people thrive in times of stress, throwing themselves into work and excelling in their tasks, other people collapse into puddles and spend most of the time wondering if staying in bed to work is becoming too comfortable.

Everyone handles stress differently. The best way to minimise yours is to accept that people need a gentle approach right now. While deadlines need to be met and productivity is important, try and relax if people fail a few times during these trying times. They will bounce back, and it is those same people who usually shine through stronger on the other side, loyal to the company.

  • Time Management


If your work allows it, offer your team flexibility. Rather than requiring people to check-in between 9-5, request that people fulfil a certain number of hours each week or complete tasks by a certain time. That way those who are juggling homeschooling, reduced shopping hours and limited movement, as well as other challenges, can manage their own time.

  • Coffee Break


Set up a time each day that you and your colleagues can get together online and chat. Just like you would in the office, create a space to talk about anything except work. Have a casual hour when people can drop in and out of a video chat, have a cuppa or after-work drink, and feel a sense of escapism for an hour. You’ll want it too.

By showing your employees some added kindness and leniency in this stressful time, you are likely to retain valuable employees. Your business can be productive and successful when you have the support of workers who feel secure and motivated, and to provide those feelings, you need to be in control by being kind.