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Okami Media is seeking new partners and people to enhance our present services and operate Asia-wide. We are looking to firm up our presence in all countries and we provide mutually beneficial agreements.

Are you able to generate and drive increased traffic in your location? We are looking for those who have proven experience in the Asian market.

Are you a freelance professional with experience creating e-Commerce and FinTech generation leads? Do you know your market and understand how to best reach your audience? Can you offer Okami Media your expertise in the language of your local community? Our experienced team always welcomes new ideas and is willing to explore new approaches to the marketing industry. We seek opportunities to form lucrative partnerships with outside sources who can offer advancement for Okami Media.

If you have the language skills and marketing industry experience in your part of Asia, we’d love to welcome your services as part of our broad offerings. Having local knowledge, contacts, experience and language skills are valuable assets that we want to incorporate into the Okami Media package.

If you have a proven ability to produce and operate effective advertising campaigns and generate productive marketing material, Okami Media is looking for you.

We are looking for freelance professionals who are:

  • Capable and dedicated.
  • Able to run efficient advertising campaigns.
  • Able to produce effective marketing material.
  • Available to work in Asia.
  • Looking to control their own working hours.
  • Excited to receive compensation directly related to their efforts.
  • knowledgeable and experienced in their region.
  • able to understand the language and culture of the region they work in.
  • selfmotivated and creative.

Contact us immediately and let’s develop a fruitful relationship!

Contact us to find out what we can do for your lead generation capabilities throughout Asia.

Inform us of your targets and the market that you have specifically selected for attention.

We will begin a formal discussion of how to proceed and what you can expect from Okami Media.

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  • Marketing and lead generation in high compliance industries must be executed with care. We don’t want to contradict any local laws or regulations to negatively affect the greater region. We jointly operate with all our partners to ensure we meet all compliance requirements and receive approval for our marketing material.