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We employ excellent SMM methods to guarantee that we maximize your ROI on your advertising and social media campaigns.

We specialize in reaching the Asian market and have specific expertise in influencing this region. Our experience spreads throughout all major social media channels. Together with the powerhouses of Instagram and Facebook, we have advanced knowledge of Asian specific sites such as Renren, Mixi, Weibo and more.


Okami Media will do a professional audit on your social media campaigns. We will perform our analysis and then proceed with the platforms that would be most beneficial to drive more leads towards your company. We devise a strategy according to expected targets and budget to develop realistic goals.


Our representatives are waiting to be of assistance and help you on your journey toward greater success.
Message us your ideas and we will be happy to respond to all queries and interests.


Okami Media is familiar with the difference in markets throughout Asia and the effectiveness of content from country to country. Our approach is to assess the trends in platforms and preferences in the target countries. Okami Media creates noteworthy and highly recognizable content that is specific to your brand or company. All of our content is produced to share and spread throughout the chosen social media platforms and beyond.


Okami Media delivers results for long-term success. We will set up your campaigns and create a direction that can be followed for continual lead success. We commence every project with the ultimate goal of developing a sustainable campaign for your future. Trends and tastes may change within three or more years due to the prevalence of ever more up-and-coming platforms that rise and fall in popularity. We design a plan that is fluid enough to adapt to these changes, but strong enough to reach your audience.

Social Media Marketing and its Importance

Social media marketing (SMM) is the overall management and control of a company’s image over social media platforms. It is used to increase awareness and create a “buzz” over the internet regarding the services and/or products that the brand wishes to promote. The ultimate goal of SMM is to increase the volume of productive leads that generate sales and profit for the company. SMM involves creating and sharing posts coupled with strategically paid online advertising to increase lead generation.

You need Okami Media’s SMM skills

Social media use plays a large part in most people’s downtime. It dominates the way Millennials communicate and many people’s means of self-promotion.

With so many people online, there has never been a better opportunity to reach out and influence such a vast proportion of the population. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are accessed worldwide. We can also cater to the Asian market, where people tend to use Weibo, Renren, and Mixi. We know how to cross cultural borders to deliver your SMM campaign on the right platform.

Working with Okami Media increases your reach and bolsters your reputation!

Contact us to find out what we can do for your lead generation capabilities throughout Asia.

Inform us of your targets and the market that you have specifically selected for attention.

We will begin a formal discussion of how to proceed and what you can expect from Okami Media.

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  • Marketing and lead generation in high compliance industries must be executed with care. We don’t want to contradict any local laws or regulations to negatively affect the greater region. We jointly operate with all our partners to ensure we meet all compliance requirements and receive approval for our marketing material.