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Expertly Planned, Perfectly Executed

Our reputation for high conversion rates is achieved through the generation of high-quality leads. We adjust our strategy of approach for different regions, countries, and demographics throughout Asia.

Okami Media enjoys success across multiple disciplines – telemarketing is no exception.

Lead Generation Steps

Lead Qualification

We study and understand potential business leads in Asia and the behavior of the sector you are targeting.

Lead Prospecting

We seek qualified B2B leads to generate future customers, because we understand who your clients are.


We convert leads to genuine sales because of our focused campaign techniques. We won’t waste your time or that of your potential clients, and we close the deal for you.

Contact us to find out what we can do for your lead generation capabilities throughout Asia.

Inform us of your targets and the market that you have specifically selected for attention.

We will begin a formal discussion of how to proceed and what you can expect from Okami Media.

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  • Marketing and lead generation in high compliance industries must be executed with care. We don’t want to contradict any local laws or regulations to negatively affect the greater region. We jointly operate with all our partners to ensure we meet all compliance requirements and receive approval for our marketing material.