As technologies advance, businesses have turned to ever more creative ways to reach out, and while this has allowed clients to make informed decisions before approaching a business, it has also lead to the depersonalization of interactions. Telemarketing is a way to connect with your clients in a busy environment and really develop personal relationships that add value to your business.

Proactive Businesses

Proactive businesses do more than post blogs on social media and send emails to a categorized list, they create valuable leads by reaching out. One of the most powerful tools we have in marketing is that of human interaction. The tone of your voice, the human connection, the time it takes to interact in person and engage can mean the difference between your client becoming a loyal customer or choosing to work with another business.

Omnichannel Support

The benefits of technology mean that telemarketing can become a niche project that is of very high quality. When used as an omnichannel support system, telemarketing can give your proactive business the opportunity to develop loyalty with customers. Chat boxes are a great way to engage when people need fast answers to simple questions, but the act of calling your client gives you the opportunity to create a bond.

Personal Touch

Offering personal interaction shows that your business cares. You have taken the time to train great customer service staff who are well informed and responsive. These employees do not rush, they really listen and offer solutions based on the response they get from you. This considered service is rare. If you are reaching out to clients in a relaxed and friendly manner, listening to their questions and answering in responsive and actionable ways, you are likely to elicit a positive response. Of course, your business still needs to be able to deliver on its promises, but the rare personal interaction in today’s fast-paced world will put you ahead of those reactive businesses who are often ignored.


Before you pick up the phone, it is important that you know who is on your client list. Check the specs for your potential clients on social media, such as LinkedIn, and be sure you know who it is you want to communicate with, why and what you have to offer. Everyone is busy, so be certain to have a plan. If you are cold calling clients you are not likely to be answered. Have a strategy in place. Email first to make an appointment and be certain that your lead is interested in working with you.

Telemarketing, when used correctly, can be a great way to generate leads, build relationships and develop loyalty.