So you’ve decided that your business can’t do without quality vlog content; but what should you vlog about? While your advertising strategy can be passed on to a creative agency that can craft the best campaign for your business, it is good to know what it is that you want from any campaign and what you, as a business, agree is relevant.

While some vlog ideas are successful for individuals, can they also apply to businesses? Let’s take a look at some popular ideas and decide if they fit your purpose.

Story Telling

Interviewing your staff or clients is a great way to boost views. While these stories need to be assessed for appropriateness, scripting the vlog is not a good idea.

Have your interviewee tell a story in a natural way, which is far more engaging. Keep it to less than 3 minutes and make sure the story has a reason, such as to elicit empathy, entertain with frivolity, or share an experience. Remember learning that there is a moral to every story? Well, not all vlog content has this in mind, but yours should if you want it to be impactful.

Compare and Contrast

A product review, again ‘unscripted’, is a great way to show how to use a new product, or how a product measures up to others. From having people eat pizza on the street and giving honest reactions, to discussing the pros and cons of various B2B providers, you can creatively show your product as superior, as long as you edit the worst reactions, which you will have. Being honest and destroying your product are two different things. Show a variety of reactions, but weigh them in your favour by about 90%, and insert the mediocre reactions between really great reactions – the shit sandwich theory works not only when you need to have difficult discussions, but for selling a product with honesty too.


A vlog that showcases how to use your product is evergreen content. This is one of the most valuable vlogs that you can create. If you are selling a digital product, you might need to update the vlog more often than a tangible product, but you should keep older vlogs archived. This type of vlog should be scripted and very professional. A tutorial vlog gives you numerous opportunities to really share your business message. The campaign needs to be well crafted, from understanding colours, lighting, script, set, music and actors, to incorporating your brand and overall company message, this type of vlog is an investment that should be professionally managed, as it can have a lasting impact on your business. From generating leads to offering customer support and building customer relationships, a tutorial vlog has far-reaching and long-lasting potential.


Busy people want fast answers. In a Stone Temple survey, voice searches have risen to about 25% of respondents’ first choice for searching, compared to around 15% in 2018. While this only places the search type in the fourth position overall in a group of 1,000 respondents, (with Mobile Browser the top search type), it is important that content is optimised to respond to such search types. One way to achieve this is to have vlog content that actually directly asks and responds to questions, in the same way that a person looking for an answer would pose the question. Providing a FAQ vlog increases your likelihood of answering the query and placing your business before your customers.

Get Inspired

While your business might not be ‘inspiring’ in and of itself (such as a medical supplies manufacturer), what your company or business does, provides or is involved in might be interesting to others and give it that human appeal that people are looking for in order to connect with your business. Remember when the news hour would end with an inspirational human story, or the newspaper would dedicate a page to community events or stories, like Mary Jones’ cat being rescued in a swift-water operation which required four burley search-and-rescue volunteers to risk their lives? Stories like that remind us of how much we value human interaction. A vlog about your business involved in charity, or giving time, or doing something for the community is not about blowing your own horn, it’s about showing your customers that your business has real people working hard for success. It allows people to see more of what your business values, and gives your business a personality for people to connect with.

Vlogging is a valuable asset to your business that needs to be considered and well-executed in order to generate leads and retain customers. While some vlogs are teenagers doing wild things to get attention, other vlogs really are about promoting your business and sharing information. As a business, you need to choose to be generous with your content. Share valuable ideas, create evergreen content, take time and invest in visual content that showcases your business.