“Writing is like sex. First, you do it for love, then you do it for your friends, and then you do it for money.” Virginia Woolf

English majors are usually frustrated writers, searching for their opening in a world of logical conclusions and rational thinking. These creative thinkers are the same people who read extensively, who dream, who create, who are often unafraid of getting lost in the possibility of an idea.

If you are lucky enough to have the resume of an experienced writer in your hands, you are looking at a potentially inspiring team member who is willing to think big, take risks and is a person who understands the importance of deadlines.

They also appreciate accuracy and precise editing, which makes your business look focused and detail-oriented. A good editor is a valuable asset to any team.

Unicorns need dreamers

A new idea needs a balance of creative input, rational thinking, logical solutions and a few dreamers to keep people motivated. While your team needs the technical capability and the practical skills to develop and launch an initiative, the idea might never reach such heights without the dreamers who suspend disbelief and see possibilities where others see roadblocks.

Dreamers are often readers and broad readers tend to be critically analytical by default. When you are reading, you are exposed to many ideas from many sources and in various genres, giving a broader scope for possibility. Perspectives tend to shift when a person allows themselves to explore ideas or stories from numerous sources.

Error-free writing

An English major should know how to write your style guide, technical guides, marketing materials, in-house communications and anything else that you need. They should also know how to write it without errors and in the voice your brand requires.

With clear writing that sets a tone for your brand, you can attract more customers. When your website is error-free, reads well and has engaging content, traffic will stay on your site longer. It is also likely that your cart abandonment rate will be lowered as the trustworthiness of your site improves with error-free writing.

Flexibility and versatility

People who have a background in English studies or liberal arts tend to be flexible and diverse thinkers. They are not trained into thinking about numbers or focused on the rules of law, they are people who have an educated mind and were asked to decide for themselves how they best want to apply the skills they have.

For a business owner, this means that your potential hire is adaptable to many roles that require minor training and no specific skills. They are creative and flexible people who are willing to learn HR, marketing, in-house writing, management and many other roles.

All of your team are valuable and come with many skills. Choosing the right people for the right job sometimes means looking outside the boxes created to streamline studies and search for the qualities that exist within the skilled and educated prospect before you.