Working for Okami Media

We’re not your average employer. We select the best team members based on their experience, skill, enthusiasm and potential. We want a team dedicated to our goals, so we create great reasons for people to choose us every day.

Remote Work Teams

Remote work is no longer just a dream. It is a reality for so many young professionals and it is changing the way people engage with work. We offer our worldwide team the opportunity to work the hours they need to achieve their objectives. We don’t chain teams to desks or host unnecessary meetings. We trust our employees as autonomous and professional employees committed to achieving our shared vision.

Healthy Living

There are some things we can’t change, but we can influence our health. We provide all our employees with a gym membership and health insurance benefits so people can make choices that support their long-term health. However, we don’t expect everyone to be a gym bunny. We simply provide team members with a fitness package. They can choose their favourite activity, training or relaxation program to reduce stress, increase movement and support their personal health goals.

Time to Live

We know our approach to team health is nothing new, but our next benefit sets us apart from other tech companies. For our core team members who are unable to avoid office face time, we offer extended leave plus flight stipends so people can travel home each year. This added bonus is our way of showing that we appreciate and understand the sacrifice so many of the people who work with us are willing to make.

Career Investment

We know our team members are ambitious, motivated people who want to grow. We support training and education courses that develop employees. There is always a need for new ideas, updated techniques and deeper insights, so when one of our team asks if they can study, we say ‘yes, you can and do it on our coin.’ These small investments in our team members lead to long-term staff retention and well-developed professionals who are inspired and committed.

Team Bonding

We also love a great party. Our biannual company retreats see the whole team come together for a weekend of good food and good times. From a Mediterranean yacht cruise to a magical night of endless delicious delights served table side, we like to say ‘thanks’ with our informal gatherings focused only on getting to know each other better, relaxing and enjoying the fruits of our combined labours.

The Dream

Working with Okami Media feels like you’re working on your own terms and that is our goal. We want employees to feel like they are the dictators of their destinies. We listen to new ideas, sandbox innovative projects and support each person with their career ambitions. With Okami Media, each employee is a professional, on their own terms.

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